#125: WordPress Side Blogger Brian Jackson on Content Creation, SEO and Monetizing a Blog

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Brian Jackson, an experienced WordPress side blogger and digital marketer who’s been blogging for the better part of 10 years while holding down a full-time job where he now still works as the Chief Marketing Officer at the hosting company Kinsta (that offers one of the best web hosting plans on the market for bloggers).

Over the years, Brian has done everything from dropshipping CDs on eBay before dropshipping was even really a thing, to starting & selling his own hosting company while in college, developing WordPress plugins like Perfmatters, building content websites about personal finance, WordPress (Woorkup) and even gluten-free eating. 

Now working together as a combined team, Brian and his brother Brett now have enough side projects going that they could sustain themselves working on their own business, but they’ve got aspirations of holding onto their day jobs for long enough to retire early and live comfortably sometime over the next five to ten years.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

02:37 Where Brian is originally from.
04:00 When he started selling products on eBay.
[07:21] How much he was making on eBay.
[08:55] Why he chose a small town to study at university.
[11:19] When he started his web hosting company.
[17:05] Why he sold the company.
[17:42] About his WordPress plugins.
22:59 Why it’s easier for him to launch new products now.
24:30 How revenue they make from their products.
28:31 His most effective traffic driving strategy.

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13 responses to “#125: WordPress Side Blogger Brian Jackson on Content Creation, SEO and Monetizing a Blog”

  1. Drewry Avatar

    Brian and others who are so genuine in this field of WordPress products are living proof that blogging is surely a way to achieving millionaire status, being your own boss, and transforming creativity into infinite possibilities of multiple streams of income. I’m glad to hear that Brian isn’t relying solely on a cushy day job and believes enough in himself to venture out into the entrepreneurial abyss and go the extra mile with his side hustles. Hats off in paying respects to Brian and Ryan! 🙂

    1. Brian Jackson Avatar

      Thanks Drewry, appreciate the kind words!
      I’ve always got a side hustle going on somewhere haha. My problem is I have to refrain from starting new projects. It’s like an addiction. Thankfully my brother keeps me in check on this.

  2. Domin Avatar

    Wow this is a very good case study about someone who’s holding a very top management role at a big company, while still enjoying good lifestyle and building side income streams.

    I’ve seen many people grow their side projects to the point that they’re able to replace their full-time job. But Brian and his brother are doing things that require tons of iron will!

    Astonishing podcast, I have to say.

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Thank you so much, Domin! Brian did all of the work 😂

      Agreed, he definitely has an ultra hard-working mentality.

    2. Brian Jackson Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it Domin!

  3. Hakan Ozcan Avatar

    Thank you, Ryan, for your invitation. It was a new experience for me watching an episode about this business. I appreciate also Brian for his highlights. Perhaps you know, I am just a beginner and trying to learn. I also learned some new things today. Thank you both for your friendly approaches.

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      You’re very welcome, Hakan! All praise for this one needs to go to Brian for being an epic guest & sharing so much behind the scenes with us 🙌

  4. Kamlesh Avatar

    Great episode for bloggers and WordPress users. Thanks Brian

  5. Mbulelo April Avatar
    Mbulelo April

    This is a greatest case study have ever had thanks for this, I love this more

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Haha love it! Brian’s a fantastic case study.

    2. Brian Jackson Avatar

      So glad to hear that Mbulelo! 😄

  6. Gorlley Avatar


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