Validate Your Idea (Quickly) and Earn Passive Income Pat Flynn Interview

#4: Validating Your Idea (Quickly) and Generating Passive Income with Pat Flynn

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Pat Flynn, the owner of Smart Passive Income, one of the world’s most popular blogs and podcasts about running an online business.

He’s also the Wall Street Journal bestseller of Will It Fly, his book that’s designed to teach you how to test your business idea so you don’t waste time and money.

Pat is famous for his monthly income reports, where he breaks down every source of revenue for his online business each month—which is typically between $100-200,000/month.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:34] Pat’s very non-linear career trajectory that eventually landed him in his first online business, teaching people how to pass an architecture exam, which became his first six-figure business.
[05:27] His personal process for validating the idea for both his blog, Smart Passive Income and the courses he launches to his audience.
[09:06] Pat shares about his first big break and offers up advice on how to go about getting your first paying customers.
13:52 His piece of advice on how to identify whom to reach out to in a market you’re interested in.
19:13 His advice on how to validate an idea when you have extremely limited resources.
21:17 Pat gives an example a project he worked on that failed due to poor validation.
25:57 He shares some signs he looks out for when deciding if you should pivot away from an idea that’s not working out.
28:47 He shares the best investment he’s ever made when it comes to validating ideas and getting traction with your side hustle.

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Resources Mentioned:

Pat’s bestselling book, Will It Fly
Pat’s guide to writing, publishing and marketing eBooks (the right way)
Pat’s very first online business that earned $200k during the first year, Green Exam Academy

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