#123: SEO Veteran Tommy Griffith of ClickMinded on How to Rank Your Blog Content #1 in Google Search

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Tommy Griffith, the SEO veteran who’s led search engine optimization teams at companies like PayPal and AirBnb—now turned founder of Click Minded, his series of courses that teach the latest SEO and marketing strategies that are working today. 

Originally from a small town in New Hampshire, Tommy credits a lot of his early interest in getting into digital marketing back to reading Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek while he was in college. 

That led to writing his first eBook about how to start a fraternity, dove into search engine optimization for the first time and eventually sold a couple of hundred copies of his book on Amazon. 

After moving to Southeast Asia to work on a startup with a friend, Tommy eventually landed his first full-time job working in SEO for a digital agency based out of Singapore. From there, he wound up moving to the San Francisco Bay Area and went on to run most of the SEO efforts at PayPal before joining a relatively young AirBnb and managing their SEO for over 4 years.

It was during his time working at PayPal and Airbnb when Tommy began testing out the concept for Click Minded and he started by hosting paid in-person SEO & digital marketing training sessions during the evenings and weekends. After building momentum with that business model for a couple of years, he started creating his first online courses… and the rest is history.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

03:17 Where Tommy is originally from.
05:08 A business idea he started that failed.
[10:35] Unique problems he had at his job.
[14:14] How SEO worked at AirBnB.
[16:04] How ClickMinded began.
[17:13] The goal of ClickMinded.
[19:14] Strategies he recommends to new bloggers.
22:41 A problem he faced when he made the jump from full time employment.
31:35 What percentage of time should be spent promoting content.
32:36 The most effective link building strategies.
35:00 The best investment he’s made to grow his business.

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3 responses to “#123: SEO Veteran Tommy Griffith of ClickMinded on How to Rank Your Blog Content #1 in Google Search”

  1. Drewry Avatar

    Anyone gets the best experience in their niche field of interest by working for someone else 1st. This way, they know what they do and how they do things truly worls. Them, branch off and start your future millionaire venture faster gaining priceless experience in the workplace. Congrats to Tommy for believing in his side hustle ability.

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Couldn’t agree more! 💪

  2. Derek Marshall Avatar
    Derek Marshall

    Brilliant Interview!

    Tend to work on the principle that a page can be both over optimised and under optimised at the same time and look at the on-page SEO that google is ranking for a particular keyword and emulate the key on page SEO that is getting ranked (similar number of H1, H2, H3 tags for exact match keyword) bold, italic and frequency of keyword in text.

    Same for LSI and keyword variants.

    No SEO method is perfect, this one is effective.

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