#12: Side Hustle Law 101 and Avoiding Getting Fired: Anthony McCusker, Attorney for Slack, Lyft and Atlassian

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Anthony McCusker, an attorney of more than 20 years here in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s worked with and represented companies like Slack, Lyft, Atlassian and more throughout his career. And today, we’re talking all about the legalities of starting a side hustle.

We’re covering side hustle legal questions like…

  • Is it legal for you to start a side hustle?
  • Under what circumstances can you operate?
  • What are the common legal pitfalls you need to avoid with your side hustle?
  • Which employment agreements do you need to go through in detail?
  • Should you tell your boss about your side hustle? If so, when?
  • And so much more…

Before we get started, a quick heads up—Anthony and I could only talk over the phone, so the audio quality is less than we’re used to here on the show. But, I made the call to run this interview in its entirety because the content is incredibly valuable.

We cover side hustle questions and legal scenarios that would’ve saved me (and a lot of other people I know) a ton of time, money, and countless hours of lost sleep during my side hustle days. I can promise you, this interview is worth it’s weight in gold.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[01:44] What book Anthony is currently reading at the moment.
[02:36] He gives an overview of his career as an attorney and the companies he’s worked with.
[04:41] The coolest project he’s worked on.
[07:04] He dives into the legalities of starting a side hustle when working full-time.
[13:23] His recommendations on how to protect yourself and avoid legal issues with your employer.
[15:15] His recommendations for those who work on side projects that violate the Intellectual Property Agreement of their employers.
[17:25] If and when to get an attorney when working on a side hustle.
[20:13] He talks about experiences he’s had in the past side hustlers.
[25:27] His best piece of advice on how to learn more about the legality of having a side hustle.
[27:09] Why you need to be careful with using IP Mobility.

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A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Founders Workbench

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Goodwin Law

Anthony McCusker on Twitter and LinkedIn


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In today's episode of The Side Hustle Project, we're talking about side hustle law 101. Is it legal to start a side hustle? Under what circumstances? What are the common pitfalls you need to avoid? Should you tell your boss? Here to answer these questions is Anthony McCusker, a technology attorney for companies like Slack, Lyft, and Atlassian...

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Is it legal to start a side hustle? Today, we’re talking Side Hustle Law 101 with Anthony McCusker, attorney for companies like Slack & Lyft, about side hustle laws, the legality of having a side hustle, and how you can avoid getting fired for your side business.




2 responses to “#12: Side Hustle Law 101 and Avoiding Getting Fired: Anthony McCusker, Attorney for Slack, Lyft and Atlassian”

  1. jennifer robbins Avatar
    jennifer robbins

    great webinar

    how does this apply to the physical therapy business? That’s what I’m working on

  2. Drewry Avatar

    so I felt a desire to come and read some of your past logs one side hustle’s and came across this. I was wrongfully terminated by my former narcissist employer almost 2 years ago. While I knew I was being wrongfully terminated and set up in the moment to get thrown off of the job as my employer continually nitpicked at me because it fit into company culture and other reasons, I heard some coworkers and a particular coworker give me a clue that my future termination was right around the corner. They walked past me one day while I was sitting at the business service desk and allegedly hinted at my termination allegedly saying in so many words “give it some time.” Another one sat at the service desk computer in the past and was looking at the computer screen when they blurted out in so many words allegedly saying “so I can fire someone?” I had a feeling in the back of my mind both of my coworkers in addition to my former narcissist employer allegedly conspired in secrecy toward getting the ousted from the company. I’m glad it happened because it brought out something in me that is good which is the future, and creative entrepreneurial strength that was hidden inside of me. I feel comfortable working for myself and always disliked getting up and going to work for someone because I knew my hard work was making them rich off of sweat off my back, as they had the power to determine how much money I to: weekly or biweekly which was literally a can of beans. Now, success is right around the corner. I’m glad I was wrongfully fired because I use that negative motivation to keep myself positively motivated. 🙂

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