#34: How to Master Selling with Grant Cardone, Aaron Ross, Hiten Shah, Vanessa Van Edwards and Nathan Barry

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re doing things a little differently. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been busy recording more than 50+ video interviews with the world’s top leaders in sales—the people who’ve literally written the books on how we sell today. All for a project I’m launching next week called The Inside Sales Summit with my friends over at Close.

Today, I want to give you a little preview of these interviews.

On this episode of the podcast, we’re hearing from:

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales trainer Grant Cardone about the biggest changes he’s seeing in how the most effective salespeople are navigating today’s environment.

Aaron Ross, a former sales director a Salesforce and the bestselling author of the incredible sales book, Predictable Revenue is sharing what he says is the best investment he’s ever made toward building his selling skills—and what that means for how you should be changing the way you pitch and present your products or services.

Hiten Shah of FYI and the serial startup founder behind other brands like Kissmetrics and several others that have touched millions of people from around the world, is talking to us about how to acquire your early customers, and scale a sales process without breaking your business model.

Vanessa Van Edwards, the behavioral investigator and national bestselling author is diving into how anyone can become a better, more confident presenter. She shares her tips, tactics, and actionable strategies for winning negotiations, and her best sales technique that’s led to high-converting landing pages for her products.

And finally, Nathan Barry, the Founder and CEO of ConvertKit, the email marketing platform for professional bloggers that recently hit $10 Million in annual recurring revenue, is sharing the most effective sales technique he’s ever witnessed… and how he and his team at Convertkit used strategic partnerships to acquire thousands of paying customers.

If you like what you hear today, you can head over and register to attend our summit, completely free, and you’ll get lifetime access to all of these incredible interviews we’ve recorded over the past couple of months.

Interviews with people like Neil Rackham, the bestselling author of SPIN Selling—who hardly ever does interviews anymore. People like Neil Patel—the famous digital marketer, Chase Jarvis—the Co-Founder of CreativeLive, Wade Foster—the founder of Zapier, Dan Martell—who built and sold Clarity.fm, and so many more.

You can sign up for free right here.

In Today’s Episode, we talk about:

[04:32] Grant Cardone’s view on how the world of sales is changing
[07:11] Aaron Ross talking about the best investment he’s ever made in building his selling skills.
[09:22] Hiten Shah on how to diagnose problems with your sales process.
[13:46] Vanessa Van Edwards talking about her most effective sales technique.
[21:03] Nathan Barry sharing the most effective sales technique he’s ever witnessed.

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Inside Sales Summit


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2 responses to “#34: How to Master Selling with Grant Cardone, Aaron Ross, Hiten Shah, Vanessa Van Edwards and Nathan Barry”

  1. NICK Avatar

    Hey, these are epic my friend much love and respect. I’m not just reading and listening, I’m also taking action. Thanks for the resources to find the way.

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Thanks for tuning in, Nick! Much appreciated—action is what it’s all about 💪

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