#119: How to Build a Freelance Side Business with SaaS Content Marketer Marijana Kay

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Marijana Kay, an experienced content marketer that works with massive Software-as-a-Service brands like Zapier, AWeber, and Pipedrive to name just a few. 

Originally from Croatia where she grew up and studied journalism all the way through to finishing her master’s degree, Marijana moved to Dublin, Ireland with her then boyfriend (and now husband). 

She spent her first year in this brand new country working in customer support and picking up the phone to cold call for a print-based classified publication. It was at this point when she realized that sales weren’t going to be the most fulfilling career her, and she began taking on her first freelance writing jobs.

After a couple of years of finessing her approach, sharpening her strengths and learning more about the types of companies she worked best with, Marijana eventually narrowed her focus as a B2B content writer for SaaS companies—and the rest is history.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:40] Where Marijana is originally from.
03:28 Why she moved to Dublin.
[04:34] What it was like for her growing up.
[07:04] How you can learn a lot from cold calling.
[10:40] How she landed her first big gig.
[14:57] Marketplaces or job boards she recommends.
[17:17] How she’s acquiring clients now.
27:39 How she creates long-form content.
29:58 Her #1 piece of advice to anyone looking to build a freelance writing business.

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2 responses to “#119: How to Build a Freelance Side Business with SaaS Content Marketer Marijana Kay”

  1. Drewry Avatar

    I stand in her corner and yours as firm believers that content marketing alone is the lifeblood of any online business, especially when the affiliate marketer-blogger-content marketer has the future intention in mind of being a “side hustle millionaire.” Content marketing is serious business across the world online. One thing many people don’t know is they can use their childhood and stories of life adversity to start a blog as a side hustle and talk about themselves and their life as a means of generating effective content marketing ideas and build and retain their target reading blog audience from the ground floor up, putting themselves in the future position to be a side hustle millionaire. This is why I love the Internet because when you develop and retain a genuine love for creating and marketing quality content that’s worthwhile for your readers to read and feel empowered from, it keeps them coming back for more every time you publish new content and increases affiliate revenue potential to the point of getting closer to achieving side hustle millionaire status.

    Freelance writing jobs, for the ambitious minded content developer and long-term affiliate marketer, can turn out to be a lucrative side hustle gig. A good thing about freelance writing jobs is for the writer, all they need is a stable-durable speech recognition program whereas they can use the awesome power of your voice to create content in a Google Docs blank document or Microsoft Word document, as words appear on the screen after they speak into the speech recognition program using a headset and microphone. Many people are willing to pay over $50 or $100 for a 1000 word to 1500 word article. Ambitious content marketers can create 1500 words easily using a speech recognition program and a creative content marketing mindset and achieve this in under two hours. Overall, that would be the easiest money earned. Most day jobbers struggled to work eight hours a day just to take home a biweekly paycheck after taxes. Freelance writing is lucrative because there’s no pressure involved and the only thing required is creativity and ambition. I’m also a firm believer that freelance writing jobs end up paying more money than working a regular day job and can fund online marketing ventures such as applying the money to PPC-pay per click paid advertising costs to promote affiliate links and increase [side hustle millionaire] affiliate revenue potential.

    Glad to hear that Marijana Kay is a successful freelance content marketer today and did the transformation business work in going the extra mile to achieve her entrepreneurial side hustle millionaire goals. Looking forward to working with you and staying connected in our networking journey years to come. Thanks for everything, Ryan! 🙂

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