#86: Jon Morrow on How to Become a Seven-Figure Blogger (and Grow an Online Business)

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Jon Morrow, the legendary blogger behind the massively popular site SmartBlogger, that reaches an audience of more than 100,000 email subscribers and generates well over $100,000 in monthly revenue.

Jon has one of the most incredible personal stories I’ve ever come across. Born with a form of muscular dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Jon’s spent the vast majority of his adult life almost completely paralyzed, save for being able to move his eyes and lips—which enables him to write through speech recognition technology. 

Now, despite having a very different childhood than most, Jon was never one to shy away from hard work and by the time he was 20, Jon had already built and sold his first website. He landed a job as an editor at CopyBlogger, one of the world’s most popular blogs, and he eventually launched his own blog that’d go on to become SmartBlogger. 

Today, as Jon puts it, he’s become a millionaire all from his wheelchair. He’s written articles that have reached 5 million readers, he regularly gets hundreds of thousands of shares on his content, and he’s launched several premium online courses that power the core of his online business.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[03:00] When he originally launched boost blog traffic.
[03:13] His original motivation for launching the site.
[04:38] The first side project he got in to.
[06:22] How he got started with teaching.
[10:16] How he built an audience before launching his blog.
[21:20] The first dollar he earned from blogging.
[22:49] His first original product.
27:45 How he blog generated revenue.
32:02 Ideas he’s tried in the past that have failed.
39:09 His writing process.
44:22 Sacrifices he’s had to make to grow his business.
46:18 The best investment he’s made in order to grow his business.

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Unstoppable.me (Jon’s new side project)

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3 responses to “#86: Jon Morrow on How to Become a Seven-Figure Blogger (and Grow an Online Business)”

  1. Dee Avatar

    Jon Morrow’s article “Become a Writing Machine” is beyond enlightening and humorous! He gives fabulous advice for those interested in a money making blog. Kudos on the interview Ryan!

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Agreed! He certainly knows what he’s talking about 😉

      Thanks for listening, Dee!

  2. Davene Avatar

    do you really believe it’s feasible for a regular person to get anywhere near these numbers without 100s and 1000s of dollars in advertising – it seems irresponsible to lead people to believe thats possible ??? Asking???

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