#85: How to Transition from Freelancing to Running a Six-Figure Company of One with Paul Jarvis

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to my friend and fellow freelancer turned author, blogger, side project aficionado (and much, much more), Paul Jarvis.

I’ve long admired Paul’s blog, because of his incredibly down to earth, relatable and conversational style of writing that makes you feel right at home when you’re reading his material.

Paul got his start as a freelance web designer back in the 1990’s. He eventually worked his way up to landing paid gigs working with companies like Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Warner Music, and massive business influencers like Marie Forleo & Danielle LaPorte. Since then, Paul’s built an audience of hundreds of thousands of readers for his blog.

With more than 30,000 email subscribers, Paul has also helped over 10,000 paying students through his courses like Creative Class—which teaches the business side of freelancing—and Chimp Essentials, which shows you how to leverage Mailchimp for your business.

Paul’s launched countless side projects ranging from website analytics tools to writing platforms, WordPress plugins, and more. On top of all this, Paul is now the author of his first published book, Company of One: Why staying small is the next big thing for business.

And what’s so awesome about this book, is that it’s about NOT growing your business. It’s about how companies and even solopreneurs can be better without having to grow bigger. This is a philosophy you can see at work in Paul’s own life, where he actively chooses to only build the size of business that he can personally manage himself – where he still gets to personally practice his craft – rather than growing it far beyond himself in a way that’d force him to become merely a manager of his business.

Paul’s book is eye-opening, insightful and most of all… refreshing, so please check it out. It officially comes out in January of 2019, but if you pre-order it from Paul today, you’ll get a ton of cool bonuses, you can check it all out at ofone.co.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[03:55] Some of the companies he’s worked with over the years.
[04:10] Most interesting projects he’s been involved with.
[06:25] How he landed a mentor and a client.
[07:54] When he started blogging.
[11:02]How the idea of constraints has manifested throughout his life.
[14:07] How he developed his style of writing.
[17:44] How he encourages his readers to find their voice.
[21:45] Why he felt the need to create some of his courses.
24:30 His process of creating courses.
34:40 His best piece of advice for anyone looking to break in the film industry.
31:12 Why he wrote his book.
33:54 The best investment he’s ever made to grow his business.

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Company of One: Why staying small is the next big thing for business by Paul Jarvis

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