#17 Getting Your First 100 Sales and Validating a Product Idea with Side Hustler Viktor Tretyak

About the Episode:

In this episode, we’re talking to Viktor Tretyak, an IT Analyst by day and side hustler by night who’s got a growing business selling super cool pins—think throwback pins that go on the lapel of your jacket, shirt or backpack. These pins range from being in the image of classic VW vans to saying phrases like HUSTLE and GOOD VIBES. 

Here’s my favorite, the HUSTLE pin

Hustle Pin VT Oswald

In less than 6 months, Viktor has gone from initial idea to finding an overseas manufacturer, making his first couple hundred sales, connecting with Instagram influencers and more.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:21] Viktor gives us an overview of his day job.
[03:25] A summary of what his side hustle, V.T. Oswald is.
[10:12] How he identified good, potential stores to carry his products.
[11:53] He talks about the struggles he had in convincing the store owners toto carry his products.
[13:29] He talks about how he manufactures his pins.
[16:06] He dives into the process of designing his pins.
[20:39] Why he considers Instagram Influencers as his most successful marketing tactic for selling his pins.
[24:51] He also talks about the biggest failure his had in his side hustle.
[28:35] His best piece of advice on how to start your own product-based side hustle.
[30:57] How he finds the time to work on his side hustle.
[32:16] What sacrifices he’s had to make for his side hustle.
[34:20] What’s in store for V.T. Oswald in the coming months.

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How to Validate Any Business Idea in 30 Days

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Viktor’s Website, V.T. Oswald

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In this episode, we’re talking to Viktor Tretyak, an IT Analyst by day and side hustler by night who’s got a growing side hustle selling super cool pins. He's in the middle of his side hustle journey, so we talk behind-the-scenes of getting his first 100 sales, validating his idea on the cheap and more...




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