#28: Becoming a Marketing Consultant, Launching Digital Products, and Building Relationships with Brian Downard

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Brian Downard, a marketing consultant, who’s been featured for his work on sites like Entrepreneur, Inc, HubSpot, and more.

Brian focuses his work as a marketing consultant specifically on lead generation and lead nurturing. Think: Helping his clients get more leads for their business through optimized channels like Facebook ads, Google ads, and organic traffic then putting systems in place that convert more of those leads into customers.

Brian started doing marketing consulting while he was still a full-time student in college, and has been at it for almost 10 years—he’s been through ups, downs, and has learned a hell of a lot when it comes to getting high-quality clients.

Now, Brian’s spending more of his time coaching and creating digital products for others who are looking to get into marketing consulting. He correlates much of his success as a marketing consultant and entrepreneur back to his willingness to invest in building meaningful relationships with people before asking for their business—which he outlines in his (awesome) post about The Fishnet Formula.

In Today’s Episode, we talk about:

[02:06] What book Brian is reading at the moment.
[03:53] What kind of marketer he is and whom his clients are.
[04:39] An overview of how he approaches potential clients.
[06:14] How he identifies potential clients with pain points he could help solve.
[08:31] He talks about how he gets inbound leads.
[10:16] Why content marketing and blogging don’t bring him any clients.
[11:23] How Ryan acquires potential clients through content marketing.
[13:47] Brian’s first ever business during high school.
16:02 He dives into his online program, Laptop Empire Lab.
[17:32] The benefits of joining this program.
[19:53] How people have been finding him.
[22:13] His goals and intentions for creating a free online course.
[24:55] His best piece of advice on how to get your first 100 subscribers, leads, or potential customers.
[28:07] How he validates a business idea.
[30:19] The lessons he’s learned from his failures at validation tests and course launches.
[30:19] Lastly, his tactical advice when validation tests aren’t successful.


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Profit First by Mike Michalowicz




The Laptop Empire Lab

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Brian on LinkedIn and Twitter

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In this episode, we're talking about how to become a marketing consultant, Brian's process for creating and launching digital products (including a failed first launch), and building relationships that convert into high-paying customers with marketing consultant and entrepreneur, Brian Downard.





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    Solid content! I’m a marketing consultant and I found several of the points you mentioned were spot on!

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