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#108: How to Start, Grow and Sell a Productized Service Business with WPCurve’s Alex McClafferty

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Alex McClafferty, a full-time coach for founders of SaaS & productized service companies.

Back in 2013 Alex co-founded WPCurve, the premium WordPress support business that grew to over $1 Million in ARR (annual recurring revenue) before selling the company to GoDaddy in 2016. Originally from Australia, Alex grew up in a small town and made his way to University where he began hustling and trying out different career paths.

This led him to work at a train station, in construction, and even as a financial planner at the time of the last economic meltdown. After losing his job in finance, Alex landed at a call center where he built his chops at direct selling and cold calling before moving up to manage a team there.

It wasn’t until Alex found himself moving to the US, waiting on his visa paperwork to clear up before he could officially start working a normal job, that he got connected to Dan Norris, who’d become his partner in growing WPCurve for the years to come.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:35] Where Alex is originally from.
03:36 What he did at the early stages of his career.
[04:49] What selling insurance was like for him.
[07:39] The first side project he worked on.
[09:01] The original vision of WPCurve.
[12:11] Why he stayed on to build it.
[14:50] How they landed their first clients.
24:02 What a productized service means.
31:10 The best investment he’s made in order to grow his business.

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One response to “#108: How to Start, Grow and Sell a Productized Service Business with WPCurve’s Alex McClafferty”

  1. DNN Avatar

    I love the fact that anyone can install WordPress and start blogging their way to side hustle millionaire status. The stuff I know now about blogging I didn’t know 20 years ago. Back then, FortuneCity, Tripod, Excite, and Netscape was the dominant sites. If you would’ve told me about WordPress, I probably would’ve had a stuck on stupid look on my face. I’m glad today that blogging is here to stay because it’s helping everyday people like you & I creative express ourselves, while sharing priceless information and stories with the online community. Thank you for your support Ryan. 🙂

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