#116: Tim Soulo on Going from Blogger to Ahrefs CMO (and What it Takes to Create Top-Ranking Content)

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Tim Soulo, the side hustling blogger that parlayed his own content success into a job offer to become the Chief Marketing Officer at Ahrefs, the leading SEO toolset for bloggers, marketers and website owners.

Tim’s been in the world of marketing for the better part of 10 years now, having worked for a handful of companies including one that made early WordPress templates.

It was while he was working one of his full-time marketing jobs that he and a good friend challenged each other to start a brand new blog from scratch and see who could get the most readers over the course of 6 months and that’s when Tim’s first big side project, BloggerJet was born.

That blog led to the growth of his own audience, which turned into building multiple different WordPress plugins to sell to his most engaged readers. And it was just as this side business had grown to around $2,000/mo in revenue, that the CEO of Ahrefs recruited him to move to Singapore and become their Chief Marketing Officer.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:41] Where Tim is originally from.
04:07 His first side project.
[07:59] His very first marketing job.
[10:19] How he’s struggled to let got of his DJ lifestyle.
[11:09] The original goal when he first launched BloggerJet.
[17:03] His first attempts at monetizing his blog.
[19:54] How much BloggerJet contributes to his income.
22:48 What successful content looks like today.
27:53 The ideal blog post length.
35:46 His #1 piece of advice for anyone looking to launch a profitable blog today.

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6 responses to “#116: Tim Soulo on Going from Blogger to Ahrefs CMO (and What it Takes to Create Top-Ranking Content)”

  1. Raza Avatar

    I said it before but I’ll say it again “there’s GOLD in them there podcasts” of yours!!!

    You have BALLER guests with awesome stories and killer info.

    I love it… listening to this on my drive to work!

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Haha thank you, Raza! Tim did all the heavy lifting on this one 🙏

  2. Richard Philip Avatar
    Richard Philip

    As usual, it was a great episode. Keep up the good work.
    Although for me, You (Ryan) speak a little bit too fast in the prologue 😀

    But for sure the info got is golden. Thank you very much

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      That happens when I get REALLY excited 😂

  3. Mark Quadros Avatar

    This episode is GOLD!

    Tim Soulo is so authentic. I loved that broccoli analogy. Google take note!

    I love the idea of using controversy to get more traffic, but I’d love to know what distribution channels Tim used his content out to the right people.

  4. Drewry Avatar

    Blogging is the secure way of transforming creative ideas and other thoughts into steady streams of affiliate $ gUaP $, especially if one is serious about achieving side hustle millionaire status.

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