#55: From Entrepreneurial Burnout to $1 Million in Annual Revenue with Josh Haynam at Interact

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Josh Haynam, the founder and CEO of Interact, a quiz making tool for bloggers, marketers and small business owners.

Originally from a small rural town in central California (not too far from where I grew up), Josh started his first business installing lawns on people’s yards at the age of 16. He eventually started tinkering with and selling computers, and made his way down to Los Angeles to attend college at UCLA.

And it was then that Josh began taking on consulting gigs building websites for small local businesses with a few of his friends.

After getting a request from one of these consulting clients to have a quiz built for his website, Josh had a bit of a lightbulb moment he and his friends spent a few weeks building this first quiz, and after that started to talk to other business owners about whether or not they’d use quizzes in their marketing efforts.

They began getting some positive feedback for their idea, and they hired a developer and built a Minimum Viable Product of their first quiz making software. Over the course of the next few years, Josh went through a rollercoaster ride of ups & downs trying to grow Interact before finally finding the right growth lever that’s now brought them over 1,000 paying customers.

So much of Interact’s growth has been fueled by their content marketing strategy, so here’s that graphic Josh mentioned outlining their personal process (and you can check it out in action on their blog right here):

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:42] What book she’s reading at the moment.
[03:54] Where he’s from and his background.
[05:26] The first business he started.
[08:11] What influenced his journey into entrepreneurship.
[09:59] What led him to build Interact.
[13:03] What process of growing Interact.
[24:02] How he was able to support his lifestyle while growing the business.
[25:10] Current monthly revenue figures for Interact.
[25:39] How he was able to grow their user base by 5 times in 14 months.
[31:16] About Interact’s partnership program and how he was able to promote it.
[35:12] Advice for anyone looking to get their first 100 customers.
[36:10] The best investment he’s ever made in growing Interact.

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Into the Silent Land: The Practice of Contemplation by Martin Laird

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We're hearing from Josh Haynam, Co-Founder of Interact, the quiz making tool in use by over 1,000 paying customers including top bloggers, marketers and small business owners around the world. Josh shares his journey going from entrepreneurial burnout to earning over $1 Million in annual revenue.




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