#93: How to Go From Working a Day Job to Running a Six-Figure Coaching Business with Jenny Shih

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Jenny Shih, the business coach who helps hard-working professionals navigate the murky waters of building a six-figure (plus) service-based business.

Now, Jenny wasn’t always a business coach… she actually began her career as an Engineering Project Manager at Hewlett-Packard, where she worked for nearly a decade before starting to make her own transition to business coaching.

Today, she helps a wide range of different types of business owners to do everything from building their email list to validating the concept of their service offering & growing it into a “real” business that actually earns money, overcoming strategic challenges in order to double revenue, build stronger sales skills and seriously so much more.

Jenny has a knack for being a creative problem-solver, and she’s put her skills to use with dozens of clients over the years.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:38] Where you should start if you’re thinking of selling services on the side of your day job
[04:10] The first step to take when you want to validate your service-based idea
[07:42] What are bite-size offers?
[12:57] Examples of bite-size offers
[16:14] The typical process between the bite-size offer and closing a major deal
[20:15] About her corporate world experience
[24:05] How she typically works with a client
26:16 Her recommendations for staying on track with your number one goal
28:45 The best investment she’s made in order to grow her business

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2 responses to “#93: How to Go From Working a Day Job to Running a Six-Figure Coaching Business with Jenny Shih”

  1. Bobby Avatar

    I like the idea of offering a small or free product to clients to get your business started.

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Right? Such a good hook to getting customers to immediately connect the dots on how much value you can deliver in a more hands on capacity eventually.

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