#56: From 0 to $9,000 Freelance Writing in 30 Days with Rob Allen (from the $5,000 Freelance Writing Challenge)

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we are doing things a little differently. My guest today, Rob Allen, as many of you will recognize, has been doing the public $5,000 Freelance Writing Challenge with us throughout the month of March, which started with the goal of going from zero to earning $5,000 in just one month as a brand new freelance writer.

Now, while Rob has held in-house jobs in the past doing writing and content work for brands like Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Agora Publishing, this is his first true foray into attempting to become a freelance writer and the goal of his challenge was to do it without leveraging his existing contacts or previous project-based clients.

Thus, he is starting from as close to “scratch” as possible and while still working a full-time job. Last month, Rob was working feverishly to build his new freelance writing business on the side during the early mornings before heading to work and on the weekends.

Now, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but if you’ve been following along with the challenge you know that part of Rob’s promise was that as long as he earned more than $1,000, he’d be giving that away to one of you. He did surpass that goal, so one of you will be winning $1,000. You can enter the giveaway right here.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:16] Rob talks about hitting his goals for the challenge.
[06:18] How he felt about setting a goal that challenged him.
[08:35] The clients he landed and how he found them.
[15:50] How many prospects he talked too that didn’t convert to a deal.
[20:56] How he found the time to find clients and fulfill orders.
[25:42] How he positioned his freelance writing service.
[28:48] His number one piece of advice for anyone looking to start a freelance writing service.

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