#97: From Freelance Copywriter to Building a $60,000/mo Online Business with Laura Belgray

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Laura Belgray, the freelance copywriter turned online business owner of a diversified company called Talking Shrimp.

Laura got her start after college doing work for companies like Nickelodeon, NBC, Bravo, USA, Lifetime, and other television brands where she wrote a lot of creative & catchy promo spots for upcoming episodes of some of America’s favorite tv series throughout the nineties and 2000s.

Today, Laura still takes on a limited number of freelance copywriting and strategic advising gigs but has the portfolio (and tangible client results) to charge a very hefty rate for her services.

On top of this side of her business, Laura’s gotten into building a dependable source of revenue from affiliate promotions, and the sales of her own courses—one of which is called The Copy Cure and is a copywriting course in collaboration with the massively popular online entrepreneur, Marie Forleo.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:38] Where Laura’s originally from.
03:51 Her first job out of college.
[06:41] How she got into writing for tv networks.
[12:05] The first client she booked for her company.
[14:18] How to determine what to charge.
[16:02] Times when she experienced huge leaps in what she charges.
[17:52] How much revenue she generates today.
[20:38] How she builds her audience.
22:39 Her number one piece of advice for anyone looking to build a copywriting business.
23:25 The best investment she’s made in order to grow her business.

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One response to “#97: From Freelance Copywriter to Building a $60,000/mo Online Business with Laura Belgray”

  1. Drewry Avatar

    This is truly inspiring. I was listening to Neil Patel yesterday in a YouTube video discuss how long it takes for content marketing to produce steady streams of traffic and income. This internet stuff really makes you wanna buckle down and focus on writing quality content day in and day out because there’s so much money to be quietly earned online 24 hours a day that working a regular job today just isn’t worth going through the frustration anymore.

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