#112: How to Make $124,389.82 Blogging (in 1 Month) with Alex Nerney of Create and Go

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Alex Nerney, one half of the couple behind the massively popular blog, Create and Go, which he started as a side project together with his partner, Lauren, after meeting each other back in 2014.

Originally from Arlington, Texas, Alex started experimenting in the world of entrepreneurship with a college business plan he put together for a social network designed for fitness enthusiasts.

When that idea failed to get off the ground, Alex began working as a personal trainer after graduating from school and it was shortly after that when one fateful swipe right led him to meet Lauren.

Together, they began experimenting with blogging on the side of their day jobs and eventually launched their first site that’d go on to become successful called—Avocadu—where they began sharing content related to nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.

It was a slow build, but they eventually hit the $40,000/mo mark in revenue and began diversifying their business by launching Create and Go, which now generates well over $100,000/mo from a combination of course sales, affiliate revenue and more.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:21] Where Alex is originally from.
06:32 Where he was living when he met his partner.
[07:20] What they were doing for work at the time.
[09:01] Why they launched Avocadu.
[11:26] Their first big break.
[13:25] The funnel that led to their first transaction in sales.
[15:01] When they created their first course.
17:35 Some of the things they did wrong at the beginning
25:57 What’s coming next for them.
28:58 The best investment he’s made in order to grow his business.

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12 responses to “#112: How to Make $124,389.82 Blogging (in 1 Month) with Alex Nerney of Create and Go”

  1. Chefjoyblog Avatar

    Nice Tips👌

  2. Raza Avatar

    They wrote a killer FREE book on Amazon last year. The most impactful thing for me was how they quit their jobs, moved into one of their parents house, and WORKED.

    Reading that was so inspirational – it’s a great story of burning your boats and jumping straight into your passions. It’s what gives me the motivation to just keep grinding while I’m still working at my job. The most successful people I know take big risks and work their butts off.

    I make a few thousand bucks a month from books on Amazon Kindle and I’m working to quadruple that in the next few months – and add affiliate sales, online course sales, and coaching to my monetization plans.

    1. Rom Avatar

      I would do anything to make a few thousand a month right now. Heck I would be over the moon if I was making two thousand a month. Any tips on profiting from Amazon Kindle? I’ve done it before but I only got one sale 😛

  3. philip muchiri Avatar
    philip muchiri

    how can i work for you please

  4. michael amon Avatar
    michael amon

    Wonderful post. Thanks, Ryan for sharing this piece it was really inspiring and helpful.

  5. Drewry Avatar

    I always get informative emails from them as I’m subscribed to their mailing list. I respect their humble beginnings starting from the bottom when they had day jobs and knew nothing about affiliate marketing, blogging, and the “side hustle millionaire” mindset.

    They taught a valuable lesson to everyone that content marketing and consistency pulls millions in long $ gUaP $ online and puts anyone in the position to make money online 24 hours a day.

  6. Kris Avatar

    Alex, I’m sure that with your schedule and life that my reply will be the last thing that you will have time for, so this is more for me, rather than you – sorry for being the hog of the lime light.. lol
    I had to thank you for opening my eye’s, even if I do not start a Blog, which I do plan on doing, but felt that I must send this off first. Thank you so very much, and the reason being – I found myself sitting on my couch in tears as you opened my eyes as I was listening to you on YouTube about “Discovering Your Niche.” I recently have quit my job after 7 years of being there, (I couldn’t do it any more Alex – I up and quit!!) Well, the next day reality set in – I am 50!! (now 51 since I had a birthday recently, which just makes it worse…..) Well, I am here to tell you finding a new job at 50…51, whatever, is not as easy as it was when I was in the cute age range – needless to say, my husband said, “hire yourself.” “You are good at a lot of stuff, do that.” “Do What,” I thought. When you said, Blog about what people at the dinner party are saying, “she’s talking about, ________ again.” “Doesn’t she ever shut up?” Whatever you know something about, or want to learn more about – just that opened my eye’s like no other phrase – I kept asking myself, how do I find out what I like ?!! Sounds dumb, but when you spend so many years of being labeled, Mom, Wife, Employee – sometimes you forget the important one, “Me, ” so thank you Alex – thank you so much!!
    Kris, (and yes – still unemployed, but hoping to hire myself as a blogger on…. not sure yet, but I know now how to find my passion – thank you)

    1. Alex Nerney Avatar

      Kris, I just read this comment and it hit me like a freight train. I’m so happy to hear that I could help you clarify the things that matter to you. I do often feel like we move to fast and that it blinds us to the things we really were made to be doing. The go go go mindset doesn’t allow us to breathe and think. Something else that has really helped me recently – daily walks. No podcast, no music, just a stroll to be alone with myself and my thoughts. It has brought a tremendous amount of clarity to my life. Hope you’re doing well and I can continue to support you on your journey. Much Love – Alex


    I like what you’re doing. I want to own a blog too… do help me start out… wonderfully. Thanks.

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      Good luck with your blog! I’d recommend reading my step-by-step guide on how to become successful with a blog here: https://www.ryrob.com/how-start-blog/

  8. David Fonsbo Avatar
    David Fonsbo

    Alex and Lauren did a great job. And pretty fast too! Great podcast!

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