#45: CreativeLive CEO Chase Jarvis on Becoming a Photographer, Side Projects, and Building a Multi-Million Dollar Startup

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Chase Jarvis, the CEO and Co-Founder of CreativeLive, the world’s largest live-streaming education company that’s had on instructors like Reid Hoffman, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Branson and many more.

Chase and I actually met back when I was working for him at CreativeLive—doing the marketing for their business classes, and I’ll be the first to tell you he has a fascinating life story. It wasn’t always sunshine & rainbows.

Chase is a multi-dimensional guy, and before founding CreativeLive, he was a serious college athlete on track to head to med school. But at that same time, Chase decided to pick up the camera his late grandfather had left him he began shooting images of friends out skating & snowboarding and eventually started to get paid for his photographs.

Chase has built an incredible career for himself as an award-winning photographer, director, and artist. He’s done photography work for companies like Apple, Google, Red Bull, Microsoft and literally dozens of other household brands & sports figures. Chase has contributed to Pulitzer Prize-winning work, been nominated for an Emmy, and he somehow finds time to speak & host his own variety of online shows for his massive community.

Like last week, today’s interview is actually one that I originally did for The Inside Sales Summit, online event I co-hosted with Close.io (the inside sales CRM of choice for startups), where we had over 8,000 people join us in learning how to become a better salesperson. We had speakers like Steli Efti, Jill Konrath, Neil Patel, Michele Romanow, Nathan Barry and more. So, if you enjoy what you hear today and want more—then check out the other 54 interviews just like this over at www.insidesalessummit.com.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[03:24] His first major client as a photographer.
[05:45] A memorable deal he’s had in the past that sticks out to him.
[08:56] His advice for getting your first 10 paying clients.
[14:43] How Creativelive was able to get to the point it’s at today.
[20:53] If there’s anyone who has impressed him with their selling ability.
[26:52] The best investment he’s ever made in growing his business.

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In today’s episode, we’re talking to Chase Jarvis, the CEO and Co-Founder of CreativeLive, about how to become a photographer, what it's been like growing the multi-million dollar startup CreativeLive, and his 10-year overnight success story that's been his life. Chase shares his insights on building meaningful relationships with people in your industry, attracting your first customers, and so much more...




6 responses to “#45: CreativeLive CEO Chase Jarvis on Becoming a Photographer, Side Projects, and Building a Multi-Million Dollar Startup”

  1. Cheryl Fauntleroy-Cockrell Avatar
    Cheryl Fauntleroy-Cockrell

    Hi Ryan
    Thank you for streaming this. Basically, I am really inspired by listening to Chase Jarvis. Basically, what I took from this: Go forward with your eyes wide open. Vision, Passion and Mastering Skills.
    I have the love to write, I have a story like everyone; however, I would love to master screenwriting. I look forward to becoming screenwriter.
    Good question, you ask yourself #who’s your mental coach? Don’t chase your dreams, but live your dreams. We need to be our biggest fan, believe in me. Creative Life… I loved it.
    Thank you!

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      You’re welcome, Cheryl! Thanks for tuning in.

      GREAT takeaway message 🙂

  2. Phillip Clayton Avatar

    Really great hearing how a creative professional with the success to speak on the business approach. Excellent!

    1. Ryan Robinson Avatar

      You’ve got that right! Chase practices what he preaches 🙂

  3. Drew Avatar

    One thing many people don’t realize is making money online full-time building from the ground floor up as a side hustle is no walk in the park. This is not a get-rich-quick overnight operation. You have to do what you love doing because if you love what you doing, it’s not considered work. Anyone can go from broke to millionaire online in less than five to ten years if they do the transformation business work and stay on track with quality content marketing.

  4. DNN Avatar

    Good morning Mr. Ryan,

    Hope all is well. I’m really glad people like you are around that really emphasize the Side hustle stuff and it’s amazing benefits. What I’d like to do in the near future is get together with you and doing online interview with you if that’s okay. I like the fact that you’re achieving so much in your side hustle endeavors and inspiring others to make healthy entrepreneurial changes. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail sometime soon with your phone number and let’s talk. 🙂

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