#75: Army Veteran Tom Morkes on Transitioning from the Military to Building a Wildly Successful Online Business

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Tom Morkes, a veteran of the US Armed Forces, that’s gone on to build a very successful, well-diversified online business for himself. After graduating from the US Military Academy at West Point, Tom went out on deployment in the middle east.

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After a while though, Tom started to feel this nagging in the back of his head – a calling that he could find a more fulfilling career outside of the military.

So, when his tour was up, Tom returned to ordinary civilian life and started laying the foundation for a business that’d soon grow to include writing, self-publishing, podcasting, online courses, and consulting for entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas, Neil Patel, and more. All of this, mind you, in the span of just a few short years.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

[02:10] What book he’s reading at the moment.
[03:34] Where he’s originally from.
[04:34] Why he pursued a career in the military.
[10:55] Lessons he still holds on to from his time in the service.
[13:52] What he currently does today.
[18:55] How he got involved with working with some of his big name clients.
[32:32]His number one piece of advice for anyone looking to take their side hustle full time.
[36:05] The best investment he’s ever made in terms of growing his business.

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Resources Mentioned:

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson

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Tom’s blog: tommorkes.com

Tom on LinkedIn and Twitter

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